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Project Highlight: Fondant Icing Kitchen

Project Highlight Fondant Icing Kitchen

Continuous and Automated Fondant / Icing Equipment. Up to 4000 lbs/hr.

Project Highlight

  • Fat Melt Tank Package
    • Features a 250-gallon capacity tank with exterior insulation, hinged cover, level and temperature probe, flush mounted pneumatic discharge valve
    • Level transmitter will provide beacon light to upstream equipment
    • Includes Melt tank with scrape surface anchor style agitator and a VFD controlled discharge pump with water-flushed seals
    • Necessary process piping to fondant blender inlets integrated
  • New Fondant / Icing Blender
    • 10-HP variable speed (VFD) drive motor with motor coupling and guard
    • Lockable casters for ease of cleaning and a VFD transfer pump included
    • Includes pipeline metal detector with reject assembly