CandyWorx benchtop equipment provides a solution for research and development applications proving scientific repeatability to match your full scale process. Furthermore, retail confectioners can prove ease of use, quality of the end product, and cost savings.

Remove ferrous metals, oversized pieces, undersized debris, and stones with the bean cleaner. Learn More

In a single, self-contained machine, your chocolate will be mixed, refined, and conched. Learn More

Designed for artisan chocolate, this vibratory sifter minimizes the presence of unrefined particles. Learn More

Develop unique flavor, reduce moisture content, and destroy bacteria when you roast cocoa beans. Learn More

Efficiently produce cocoa butter from beans with this machine. Learn More

The versatile refiner is used for recipe formulation and process development of chocolate. Learn More

The nib grinder processes large nibs into liquor efficiently to a uniform particle size reduction. Learn More

Develop the most stable fat crystals in the cocoa butter through a specific sequence of heating, cooling, and re-heating. Learn More

Designed specifically for cocoa beans, the winnower will remove the shell from the beans to obtain the nib. Learn More