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As a brand of Spec Engineering, CandyWorx offers a complete solution to its customers by pairing the expertise in process design and engineering along with quality custom confectionery equipment. With a combined manufacturing facility in Naperville, IL, our systems are designed and assembled in the United States.

Capabilities Include
  • Material Balance and Process Design
  • Plant Layout and Equipment 3D Modeling
  • Piping Design and P&ID Development
  • Project Management and System Installation
  • Process Control and Automation Batch/Continuous
  • Scheduling, Budgeting, Scope Development, Risk Management

Front-End Loading

FEL is an abbreviated term for Front-End Loading. You may also hear the term FED (Front-End Design), or FEED (Front-End Engineering Design). All of these terms are synonymous to each other and are designed to help clients define and/or prove out a concept.

During your FEL with CandyWorx and Spec Engineering, together we will explore the feasibility of your project. This study, typically executed in three stages, will assist in building your business case to justify your capital investment.

​Here are some reasons people choose FEL services
  • Identify Risks​, Problems​, and Scopes​
  • Define Initiative to Fix Problems​
  • Prioritize Projects​
  • Expert Advice – More Insight Prior to Project​
  • Third-Party Evaluation to Eliminate Bias​
  • Complete Management Review and RFQ Package​
  • Begin CAPEX Projects with More Confidence​
  • Calculate ROI ​
  • Quick Lead Time​
Deliverables May Include
  • Process Flow Diagram (PFD)
  • Updated Plant Layout
  • Project Schedule
  • Identify Equipment and Components
  • Draft Control Narrative
  • Total Installed Cost (TIC)
  • Site Visit
  • Elevation and Equipment Stack Up
  • Mass and Utility Balance
  • Risk and DHA Analysis
  • 3D Models

Complete Systems

Spec Engineering’s complete systems or modular group is one of the fastest growing segments of our business. Modular skid systems can fast track project schedules, minimize time to market, as well as reduce installation and commissioning time.

There are many advantages to utilizing skid mounted systems. They are more economical, costing up to 25% less than build-on-site systems, offer higher quality and greater reliability and allow for single source accountability. Spec Engineering modular skid systems are always tested and documented to meet industry standards.

Complete Turnkey Process Systems
  • Ingredient Dosing, Mixing, and Batching
  • Thermal Processing of Food and Chemicals Including Drying
  • Chemical Dosing and Water Treatment Skid Systems
Applications of modular skids
  • Powder/Solids Handling
  • Batch Mixing
  • Packaging/Filling
  • Clean-in-Place
  • Filtration & Separation
  • Chemical Injection
  • PH Controls

Automation & Controls

CandyWorx manufactures modern-day versions of confectionery equipment designs that were born 100+ years ago. Automating your process and equipment can help lower labor costs and ultimately drive your per piece costs down.

Spec Engineering controls team offers top-quality software development for manufacturing, testing, and product development. Our controls integration engineers have expertise in batch production, manufacturing process control, product packaging, and material handling. We provide complete system design, engineering, implementation, and support for PLC, DCS, and HMI systems. We also offer control system programming, recipe blending systems, instrumentation specifications, panel design, and engineering.

Process Ingredient Batching to Tanks and Mixers
  • Spec SmartBatchTM
  • Loss in Weight feeding systems
  • Multi-feed volumetric dosing and add weigh systems
  • Innovative high accuracy systems assembled and FAT test prior to ship
Industrial Controls Integration
  • PLC integration
  • Motor Control Systems
  • Scale and process weighing integration
Modernizing Existing Allen Bradley legacy control systems
  • PLC5 and SLC
  • Design and implementation of hardware upgrades
  • Service and Support of implementation and software updates
Dynamic PLC and HMI programming
  • Electrical engineering and programming in-house
  • System Integration
Panel Building
  • 508A UL Control Panel Fabrication
  • Rockwell Automation Partner
    • Recognized System Integrator