The Galley Increases Hard Candy and Gummy Production with the CandyWorx Depositor

With the growing demand for THC hard candy and gummies, the feasibility of depositing by hand is no longer a viable option for many to keep up with orders. To increase production and efficiencies, Annie Holman, Co-Founder, CEO, and CMO at The Galley in Santa Rosa, CA, started to seek out an automated depositor solution that would meet the needs of her team during their expansion in the industry.


The Galley is a cannabis co-manufacturing and distribution company, built to FDA and CDPH standards, focused on high demand areas of production. Edibles, topicals, chocolate, hard candies, gummies, cookies, bath salts, and small beverages are all in The Galley’s wheelhouse. The DepositMoreTM by CandyWorx will be housed in The Galley’s Sugar Shack portion of their production facility.


 “Securing the DepositMoreTM will allow us to increase efficiency, which is huge,” says Holman. “We already have dozens of requests for hard candy, so we can’t wait to start producing!” Since opening in 2020, this is the first time The Galley will be able to produce hard candy and gummies through a depositor.


The DepositMoreTM is known to be an efficient, repeatable, and flexible depositor for anything that pours. Special or proprietary molds are not required, allowing customers the flexibility they need when it comes to production needs. Blister packs can also be filled, which are becoming popular in the cannabis industry. The Galley upgraded their DepositMoreTM with a dual rolloff option, allowing them to clean one hopper while another is running production. This machine will produce capacities of up to 9,600 pieces per hour.


Aside from quality equipment and systems, CandyWorx prides itself in providing quality customer service throughout all aspects of the project. “One of main reasons I chose to work with CandyWorx was the customer service I received right from the time I inquired about the machine,” says Holman. “John Vessa was very patient from the start, answering all my questions. John created the bond and trust from the start. CandyWorx is bringing customer service back!”


As part of the customer service aspect, a virtual Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) was conducted at the CandyWorx manufacturing facility in Plainfield, IL while Annie and her team participated from California. An overview of the depositor was reviewed including installation points, machine operation, and cleaning procedures, giving The Galley team tips and tricks before receiving their machine onsite. When the DepositMoreTM arrived at The Galley, John was onsite for commissioning and to ensure the depositor was everything The Galley team wanted. “To be able to understand the machine and know the CandyWorx team is always available to assist was a major benefit. I know the ongoing customer service will be impeccable as well” says Holman.