Project Highlight: Five Pass Cooling Tunnel

CandyWorx completed a five-pass cooling tunnel that consisted of a stainless-steel frame, insulated latching doors, a five-tier modular plastic belt with each tier having an independent conveyor system with dedicated gearmotor, and a return air plenum parallel with the conveyor ties. At each tier transition, a combination turnaround / sifter will separate and collect any sanding sugar that becomes dislodged from the gummy pieces.

  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • #4 Finish and Continuous Sanitary Welding Throughout
  • Insulated Doors and Sides
  • Cold Air Diffuser at Top of Tunnel with Separate Return Air Plenum on Side
  • Intralox Belting with UHMW Carryway, NORD Gearmotors