CandyWorx Welcomes Kevin Laud, VP of Engineering

Kevin Laud, VP of Engineering

CandyWorx is excited to announce the new VP of Engineering, Kevin Laud. Kevin is now in charge of overseeing the design, fabrication, assembly, and quality of every piece of equipment that leaves the shop. He also manages equipment startups and commissioning. Kevin brings his expertise in both machine design and process engineering to deliver the excellence that our customers expect. Kevin always had a passion for engineering, specifically in the candy industry. He started in the steel industry but then jumped over to machine design. He realized that he would rather get dirty from sugar and chocolate than steel and chemicals. 

Some hobbies of Kevin’s include traveling, food, and music. He has been to eleven countries so far and is always up for a trip! Kevin volunteers with Engineers Without Borders Chicagoland Professional Chapter. Last summer, he traveled to a remote village in the Bolivian Amazon to perform an assessment on a clean water system.

Welcome, Kevin!