Candy School: HMC's Sweetest Seminar

"Candy School": HMC's Sweetest Seminar

Instructors Randy Hofberger of R&D Candy Consultants, right, and Roger Hohberger of HMC, left, sample various caramels created by the students in the class. 

Every summer, 27 students from around the world have the opportunity to participate in what is nearly a real-life Charlie and the Chocolate Factory experience. The Resident Course in Confectionery Technology, affectionately coined “Candy School,” is taught every summer by HMC’s Roger Hohberger and other technical experts from the industry. The class is held at University of Wisconsin-Madison; the two-week seminar is full of hands-on experience with all types of confectionary equipment and candies.

Candy School has a spectrum of benefits to help many types of students – although it is primarily intended for technical personnel, individuals in production, management, and sales will also find the knowledge of confectionery technology to be beneficial.

The Resident Course in Confectionery Technology has honored over 1,200 graduates from across the world in its 50 years of instruction; with that comes a major impact on the candy industry. Check out to keep up with news and updates on the world’s sweetest seminar.