June 20, 2018

Candy Worx Announces Acquisition of Revolv Coating Line

Candy Worx, a SPEC Engineering brand, recently announced the acquisition of the Revolv product line from Schebler Food Equipment. For many years, Schebler provided exceptional coating systems and service based on proven designs. Candy Worx will continue to support these systems and looks forward to the opportunity to meet new contacts in the industry, while also offering these systems to new prospects. The Revolv belt coaters will compliment Candy Worx's current confectionery offerings.

The Revolv belt coater and Mini-Revolv belt coater work well with: nuts, raisins, dried fruit, coffee beans, pretzel chunks. This belt coater delivers uniform coating of chocolate - milk, dark, and white - and yogurt to perfection, ensuring your confectionery coated products will have the eye appeal that makes candy lovers take a second look. Belt coaters are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 24-72" belt widths which offers flexibility in plant layouts. 

For those interested in R&D testing, the Mini-Revolv belt coater is available. This small table top machine includes belt speed control, blower fan with tubular air knife for cooling the coated product, and a 25-30 lb. finished product capacity. The Mini-Revolv allows for R&D product testing and small production batches in low production retail shops.

With full automation and easy access points, these machines are built to save time, labor, and cost of operation. The Revolv line matches the high quality machinery that Candy Worx customers have come to know and expect. For more information about Revolv belt coaters, please contact us at [email protected] or call 815-676-5006.

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