July 31, 2018

Advantages of Mini-Revolv Belt Coater

The Mini-Revolv Belt Coater is a small table top machine that includes belt speed control, blower fan with tubular air knife for cooling the panned product, and a 25-30 lb. finished product capacity. This small and compact unit is perfect for R&D, product testing, and small batch production in retail shops.

Application Lab Features:

  • Learn what your product center requires for perfect panning
  • Verify how your finished product performs on our equipment
  • Lab tests equip you with data to refine your product quality and assist with scale-up to full production levels
  • Allows us to conduct ongoing research and development to constantly improve Revolv's functionality
  • When the coater is at your facility, we provide on-site support during and after installation

For more details, contact Kevin Laud, VP Engineering, at [email protected] or 815-676-5006.

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