Pure Sugar Cooking

Candy Worx continuous Pure Sugar systems are available in a variety of sizes. From 300 kg/hr up to 2500 kg/hr.

These automated systems are designed to rapidly cook the pure sugar syrup to 2% humidity, flash steam vapor, continuously cool on a drum and discharge onto a take-away conveyor.

The very efficient straight thru tube in shell all stainless steel cooking technology minimizes the amount of time the syrup is exposed to high temperatures. Sugar browning is eliminated and a water clear syrup exits the cooker prior to still cooling on the cooling drum and assures a snowy white mint after pulling.

We have these continuous production systems in many well known manufactures that for Striped Puffed Mints, Mint Sticks, Sugar Free Mints as well as many other applications from Animal Feed Molasses Cooking to Hard Candy.

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