Candy Worx Polishing Pans are designed to efficiently engross and polish or glazing of a variety of items, including nuts, raisins, small solid chocolate spheres, or large lentils coated in milk and dark chocolate, yogurt, or hard sugar.

Pans can be designed as a skid system of single or multiple pans. Manually or automated discharge valves at the bottom of the pans allow for easy discharge of the polished product. Drying system can also be integrated.

Pan Features

  • All SST Construction
  • Heavy duty drives
  • Positioning dump valves
  • Variable speed control
  • Soft start
  • Bottom Dead Center
  • SST Support Stands
  • Fully Automated Options

Pan Sizes

  • 16" - 60"


  • Pressed-in Ribs
  • Extreme Ribs

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