Fondant Production

Continuous fondant or icing production, as well as frostings and Mallow Cream.

Candy Worx Fondant Machinery is standard equipment in many confectionery, bakery, and cereal companies throughout the world. Our Fondant Machinery continuously produces snowy-white, stable, and uniform sugar crystal sizes of 10-12 microns. This High-Quality USA Manufacturing includes all stainless steel construction. It is fully PLC automated and well known for its low-maintenance free. Simple operation.


  • Confectioners Fondant
  • Nougat
  • Bakery Icing and Fondant
  • Cereal Frosting

Production Sizes

  • Up to 1200 lb / 545 kg/hr
  • Up to 2400 lb / 1090 kg/hr
  • Up to 4000 lb / 1800 kg/hr
  • Up to 6000 lb / 2730 kg/hr

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