Continuous Cooling Drums

Rapid and uniform cooling with minimum shear.

For caramel, taffy, nougat, fudge, toffee, hard candy, pure sugar, fondant, frosting, molasses, gum as well as many other high temperature cooked syrups that need to be rapidly and uniformly cooled with minimum shear prior to further downstream processing.

Candy Worx all stainless steel cooling drums are widely used and are standard equipment in many global and smaller companies throughout the world. Their efficient proven internal water spray cooling system assures a uniform temperature gradient across the face of the cooling drum's surface. With the precision machined drum surface, sanitary all stainless steel feed hopper and support frame it is a good fit in today's modern confectionary, bakery and cereal plants.

Available in production sizes from 230 kg/hr (500 lbs) up to 4550 kg/hr (10,000 lbs) an hour, we have the machine you are looking for. Many installations include custom designed frames to suit the customers installation space challenges. For very sticky products such as high cooked caramel, the drum's cooling surface can be provided with long lasting non-stick Fluro Plate hard baled coating to assure clean removal off the product off drum's surface at discharge.

Each machine comes with electrical controls housed in watertight NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure and includes automatic controls for product temperature control and drum speed. Each machine is completely water piped and electrically wired so that only single-point utility connections are needed at installation. PLC automation or communication modules can be provided as well so integration into a fully automated production process is seamless. Our electrical in house engineers are well versed in Allen-Bradley, Siemens and other formats and can provide professional assistance whether we supply the PC, or it needs to interface with a central control platform.

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