Candy School, 2018

Candy School 2018

This past week, Roger Hohberger, President of CandyWorx, presented a Fondant & Creme Resident Course during the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Candy School week. This was Roger’s ninth year presenting alongside Randy Hofberger. Students learn about the history of fondant, gain an understanding for a typical P&ID of a continuous cooling wheel producing fondant, the technical explanation of the crystallization of fondant, and basic fondant formulas. Most importantly, students have hands-on experience with making fondant.

This unique program began in 1963 with the purpose to instruct technical, production, research, and managerial personnel in the field of confectionery technology. The two-week course features classes focusing on chemical and functional interactions of ingredients along with more complex subject material including processing, troubleshooting, reworking, and sensory analysis. With industry experts teaching the courses, Candy School participants gain hands-on experience with a wide variety of candies.

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