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Candy Worx provides the Confectionery, Bakery and Cereal Industries with quality machinery and services.

John T. Hohberger immigrated to the US in 1909. He was formally trained in Leipzig, Germany as a confectioner and ultimately recruited by Bunte Candy Company in Chicago to train their technicians in the art of European confections. His skill as a confectioner led him to another passion: developing machinery to reduce the highly manual effort that was common at that time, while greatly increasing productivity and more uniform candies. In 1914, he began a small machine company in Chicago to manufacture various machines for the confectionery manufacturer.

Candy Worx, formerly HMC Manufacturing, is located in the Chicago area and is part of the SPEC Group. Roger Hohberger is the President of Candy Worx and ensures that all machinery is still produced with the same quality and craftsmanship as his father's machinery has been since 1914. Candy Worx is a member of NCA, AACT, PMCA, as well as other confectionery organizations.

Candy Worx has technically correct and high quality machinery in daily operation in many confectionery, bakery supply and cereal companies throughout the world.

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